Ashwater-Burns, Inc., a General and Restoration Contractor founded in Anchorage in 1991, has been doing business across the state of Alaska for 25 years. As specialists in fire, flood and water restoration, as well as new construction, our goal is to get the job done right the first time. Working directly with individual homeowners, and also with insurance companies, we take pride in our work and strive to provide our customers with quality results at a fair and competitive price. Our extensive experience working both in Anchorage and in rural Alaskan communities has lent us a unique skill set that has enabled us to excel in a variety of mediums and locations.

At Ashwater-Burns, Inc., we understand the challenges of working in remote locations. Our portfolio includes projects performed in over 25 different villages across the state of Alaska. The $10.7 million project we completed to refurbish a dozen municipal buildings in Galena after the devastating flood in May 2013, was paramount to the town’s quick recovery from that sudden natural disaster. Smaller projects have found us in Whittier, Aleknagik, St. Michael’s, Huslia, Kiana, and often back in Galena, to name a few. We excel at the logistical challenges of working in remote villages, and tackle new projects and problems without trepidation.

Rural Alaskan projects make up only a portion of our extensive portfolio. Based out of Anchorage, our commitment to “local” clients has allowed us to provide the same excellent service that is the foundation of our business. We have helped hundreds of home and business owners rebound from a fire or flood, or realize their dreams with a remodel or rebuild of an existing property. We specialize in all aspects of general and residential construction, from demolition and framing to painting and finish carpentry. Many of our new jobs are referred to us by former clients, a fact in which we take pride. Word of mouth reference means, that at Ashwater-Burns, we are doing something very right.

Ashwater-Burns, Inc., has built strong relationships across the state of Alaska and partners with a variety of subcontracts to provide the highest quality results to our customers. Our hard work, attention to detail, and experience in all aspects of top-to-bottom construction as a general and restoration contractor, has created an environment of success for over 25 years. We are proud of the reputation that surrounds our name and enjoy tackling the unique challenges that Alaska offers.

DiningHall_B-AJanuary 2015 Two Seasons Dinning Hall Fire Restoration Galena, AK ($740,000)


Recent Projects:

Fall 2017  –  Nome Utiliduct & Elementary School Repairs  –  Restoration  –  Nome, AK  –  ($300,000)

Summer 2017  –  Cold Bay Housing Rebuild  –  Fire Restoration  –  Cold Bay, AK  –  ($185,000)

Spring 2017  –  Pt. Hope Senior Center Rebuild  –  Water/Freeze Damage  –  Pt. Hope, AK  –  ($460,000)

Winter- Summer 2017  –  Egegik Incinerator Building Demo & Rebuild  –  Fire Restoration  –  Egegik, AK  –  ($1.4 mil)

Spring 2016  –  Noatak VPSO Housing Rebuild  –  Freeze Damage  –  Noatak, AK  –  ($330,000)

Summer 2016  –  Pelican City Housing Rebuild  –  Fire Restoration  –  Pelican, AK  –  ($300,000)

Summer 2016  –  Galena Water & Heat/Biomass Boiler Project  –  Project Management  –  Galena, AK  –  ($7.9 million)

April 2015  –  Water Treatment Facility  –  Fire Restoration  –  Galena, AK  –  ($2.3 Million)

January 2015  –  Two Seasons Dining Hall  –  Fire Restoration  –  Galena, AK  –  ($740,000)

May 2014  –  North Shore Maintenance Building  –  Water Damage  –  Aleknagik, AK  –  ($112,000)

June 2013  –  Flood Repairs to 16 City-Owned Municipal Buildings and 45 Residential Homes  –  Galena, AK  –  ($10.7 million)

June 2012  –  City Hall Building  –  Water Damage  –  Kiana, AK  –  ($350,000)

December 2011  –  Jimmy Huntington School  –  Diesel Spill  –  Huslia, AK  –  ($297,000)

September 2011  –  Harbor Master Building  –  Water Damage  –  Whittier, AK  –  ($312,000)

March 2010  –  Anthony A. Andrews School  –  Fire/Water Restoration  –  Saint Michaels, AK  –  ($1.1 million)

December 2010  –  City Hall/Medical Facility  –  Water Damage  –  Galena, AK  –   ($239,000)