Galena, AK Water Treatment Facility Fire Restoration

The galena water treatment facility sustained fire damage to approximately 20% of the structure and severe smoke damage to the entire building. This job consisted of rebuilding the structure and 100% new water treatment equipment. The water treatment plant serves over 250 boarding students and water plant had to stay operational during entire re-construction.


GILA Two Season Dining Hall Fire Restoration

The two season dining hall was a very challenging project. Ashwater-Burns, Inc. job at hand was to rebuild a portion of this building in -40 to -50 temperatures while keeping facility fully operational to feed more than 250 students 7 days a week. With some outside of the box thinking and teamwork this project was a success.


Galena, AK Flood 2013

Ashwater-Burns, Inc. took on the daunting task of repairing the city of galena after the devastating flood of 2013. This job consisted of water damage repairs to 12 municipal buildings and 45 residential homes. With local support, hard work and long hours this job was completed in time for the first day of school in Galena.


Remote jobs completed over past 5 years:


April 2015 City of Galena Water Plant Fire Restoration ($2.3 Million)


January 2015 Galena City School District Cafeteria Fire Restoration ($740,000)


May 2014 City of Aleknagik City Shop Water Damage ($112,000)


June 2013 City of Galena Flood Repairs to 16 City Owned Commercial buildings and 45 residential homes ($10.7 million)


June 2012 City of Kiana City Hall Building Water Damage ($350,000)


December 2011 Husila School District Diesel spill ($297,000)


September 2011 City Of Whittier, Whittier Harbor Master Building water damage ($312,000)


March 2010 City of Saint Michaels Fire Restoration ($1.1 million)


December 2010 City of Galena Water Damage ($239,000)