Galena, AK –
Water Treatment Facility Fire Restoration – Summer 2015

The Galena Water Treatment Facility sustained fire damage to approximately 20% of the structure, and suffered severe smoke damage throughout the entire building. This job consisted of rebuilding the damaged parts of the Water Plant and installing brand new state-of-the-art water treatment equipment. This Water Treatment Facility serves over 250 boarding students, and a main challenge of this project was maintaining operational status of the damaged Water Plant during reconstruction.


Galena, AK – GILA Two Seasons Dining Hall Fire Restoration – Winter 2015

The Two Seasons Dining Hall was a very challenging project. Our job was to rebuild a portion of this building, which was damaged by a fire, in -40 to -50 degree temperatures while ensuring the facility remain fully operational on a daily basis. This dining hall was required to remain open in order to feed more than 250 students 3 meals per day 7 days a week. With some outside-of-the-box thinking and teamwork this project was a success.


Galena, AK – Yukon River Flood 2013 – Summer 2013

Ashwater-Burns, Inc. took on the daunting task of repairing the City of Galena after the devastating Yukon River flood in May of 2013. This job consisted of water damage repairs to 12 municipal buildings and 45 residential homes. With local support, hard work, and long hours this job was completed in time for the first day of school in Galena.


Pelican, AK – City Housing Rebuild – Summer 2016

We did a complete demolition of a total-loss residential home owned by the City of Pelican. Significant to this project was the logistical challenge of removing all of the debris away from the small community of Pelican. This consisted of barging all waste materials to Juneau for disposal.

Noatak, AK – Noatak VPSO Housing Rebuild – Winter 2016

A freeze loss to the Noatak VPSO residential duplex found us working in this Arctic village in subzero temperatures attempting to refurbish the residence of the Village Public Safety Officer. The freeze caused significant water damage throughout the inside and underbelly of the building.

Egegik, AK – Egegik Incinerator Building – Winter/Summer 2017

The community of Egegik suffered a total loss fire to its Incinerator Building. We performed a complete demolition and rebuild of this 3,000 square foot facility. The logistical challenges of transporting and manipulating the massive new incinerator units into such a rural setting was the crux of this project. The new building and plant are operating smoothly.

Point Hope, AK – Point Hope Senior Center – Spring 2017

The 2,000 square foot Pt. Hope Senior Center suffered massive flooding from a freeze-up. We had to extract water from the floor system by removing the sub-floor and re-installing it. This job had extensive interior damages resulting in us removing and replacing drywall, floor coverings, painting, etc. We also demoed and installed a new commercial kitchen.

Cold Bay, AK – Cold Bay Residential House – Summer 2017

This city-owned residential house suffered a small kitchen fire which caused smoke damage throughout the entire structure. Our work consisted of gutting the kitchen, sealing the entire home with an alcohol-based shellac primer, finish-painting the entire home, and rebuilding and installing a new kitchen.

Fort Yukon, AK – Fort Yukon Community Liquor Store – Summer 2017

We traveled to this remote village on the Yukon River and repaired vehicular damage to the city-owned liquor store.

Nome, AK – Nome Utiliduct & Elementary School Repairs – Fall 2017

This job consisted of demoing and rebuilding 180 lineal feet of sewer utiliduct. We repaired a section of damaged roof, made multiple drywall repairs, and painted throughout the school.